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583.4 Flow Cell med aperture

M6 tubing connectors for flow through cuvettesM6 Threaded Flow Cells

The fully fused Far UV quartz flow cell body mounted in a threaded anodized aluminum jacket. The aluminum exterior has internally threaded (M6 threading) inlet/outlet ports into which the PTFE flow tubes are connected. This allows for a tight seal between the inlet/outlet tubes and the flow cell body while making connections very easy to change. All cells and tubing connections are tested to 5 bar pressur (75 psi). The exterior dimensions of the flow cells are made to international standards which should allow their use with commonly available commercial instruments. Almost any UV/Vis spectrophotometer has a cell holder which will work with the flow cells having a pathlength of 10mm or less. For pathlengths greater than 10mm consult your instrument handbook for the correct cell holder to use from your instrument manufacturer.

Flow Cells Medium Aperture

The Type 583.4 series of flow cells are designed to fit most spectrophotometers and are available in most 'Z' dimensions. They have a rectangular window in a black self masking configuration and are widely used for many standard applications including Tablet dissolution.

The sample chamber width is 4mm and is available with path lengths of 5, 10, 20, 40, 50, and 100mm. The inlet and outlet tubes are connected into the flow cell with a M6 threaded connector. The PTFE tubing has an outer diameter of about 1.6mm and an inner diameter of about 1mm. The length of the tubing is approximately 400mm. Each cell is supplied with an inlet and an outlet tube. Extra tubing sets may be purchased

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aluminum body flow through quartz cuvettes with M6 tube connections

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