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How to Clean Cuvettes, Holders & Accessories

Anti reflection & Mirror Coatings

Some fluorescent applications require either or both the excitation and emission energy to be enhanced by applying a metallic mirror coating to the outside of adjacent windows opposite to the source and the detector windows. Similarly, Anti reflection coatings on the other windows reduce reflective losses.

The following prices are for coating two adjacent external walls per cell.

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Cat # Description
/AR Anti reflection Coating
/MC Mirror Coating
/AR-MC Anti ref & Mirror Coating

Cell Holders for long Path Cuvettes

cuvetter holder for long rectangular cells

Cell holders Type CH-1/50 and CH-1/100 are for rectangular cells up to 50 and 100mm path lengths respectively. The CH-34/100 will fit 50 or 100mm Type 34. All come complete
with a 3" x 2" back plate to fit standard Infrared instrument holders.

Cat. No         Description                             
CH-1/50         Rectangular to 50mm                
CH-1/100       Rectangular to 100mm                  
CH-32/25       Cylindrical 10 to 25mm                   
CH-34/100     Cylindrical 50 to 100mm                 

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Cuvette Cleaning Suggestions

Clean cells are the foundation of any spectrophotometric or fluorometric analysis. The residue from previous analysis will cause inaccuracies, low sensitivity and lack of precision. More important, it will waste your time! Also inspect the condition of the cells. If they are cracked, chipped or scratched it is important to replace the cells with new ones as your time is more valuable than the cost of new cells.

How to Clean Cells: It is important to determine the residual material in the cell that needs to be removed. The table below will give you some suggestions for cleaning:



 Suggested Cleaning Methods

 Aqueous  Protein, DNA, Biologics Warm water with detergent, Dilute acid rinse, Copious water rinse
 Aqueous  Salt solution Warm water Acid rinse, copious water rinse  
 Aqueous  Basic solutions Warm water with detergent, Dilute acid rinse, Copious water rinse  
 Organic  Oil based  Rinse with solvent, Warm water with detergent, Dilute acid rinse, Copious water rinse
 Organic  Alcohol solutions  Rinse with solvent, Copious water rinse
 Organic  Acidic solutions  Rinse with solvent, Copious water rinse
 Organic  Basic solutions  Rinse with solvent, Dilute acid rinse, Copious water rinse
  Fluorescence measurements   Clean cells in Nitric Acid (5M) use a copious water rinse immediately before use.

General Considerations:- Keeping cell clean while in use is the most important element of a long, useful Cell life. During the
day, never let your cells dry out. If you keep them in a water or solvent bath between usage, the material that you are using will not
have a chance to dry out and stick. Use only lens cleaning paper or fine cloth to wipe the optical surfaces, most paper products contain
wood fibres which may scratch or damage the cell face or surface. At the end of the day, ensure all cells are well cleaned and store in a
suitable container after drying.

Dilute Acid                       Dilute Hydrochloric acid (2M) or Nitric Acid (2M)
Acid                                 Hydrochloric (5M) acid or Nitric Acid (5M) (see note below)
Solvent rinse                   Rinse with the solvent that solvated your sample in the first place!
Copious water rinse         Use a pure water like deionized, distilled or RO and rinse at least 10 times
Detergent                         Use a neutral pH detergent if available but dilute acid wash and water rinse to remove detergent residues

Important Exceptions:
5M Nitric acid: Do not use this treatment on Anti-reflection or mirror coated cells
Ultrasonic Cleaners: We do not recommend the use of ultrasonic cleaning baths with cells. Each bath generates a different frequency
and if your bath operates at the resonant frequency of a cell, the cell will break. We do not warranty our cells for cleaning in an ultrasonic
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