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Disposable Cuvettes

Standard square 10mm pathlength Cuvettes made from high optical quality polymers are inexpensive enough be disposable, but rugged enough for multiple uses.              Download Cuvette Price List

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Cuvettes come in two types of materials, deep UV transmitting polymer (220nm - 900nm) or lower cost polystyrene for the visible range (340 - 1000nm)

disposable UV cuvettes absorbance or fluorescence4 clear sided disposable cuvette
UV and VIS cuvettes come in several volume styles:
Macro (2.5 - 4.0 ml) as shown above left and Semi-micro (1.5 - 3.0 ml) as shown above right. Our square cuvette lids (CVD COVER) fit the macro and semi micro styles.

Cuvettes with 2 clear sides for absorbance:                                 
759170 UV Macro cuvette pk of 100            
Buy Disposable  Macro Cuvettes Online!
759150 UV Semi-micro cuvette pk of 100    Buy disposable semi-micro Cuvettes Online!      
759071D VIS Macro cuvette pk of 100       
Buy disposable VIS cuvette Online!
759076D VIS Semi-micro cuvette pk of 100 Buy disposable VIS semi-micro Online!

CVD-COVER Square lids for the macro and semi-micro cuvettes, pk of 100 Buy Cuvette Covers Online!

New!   Square cuvettes with 4 clear sides are excellent for fluorescence measurements.
Available in UV and VIS. 100/pk. Use square covers (CVD-COVER above)
SE-202295 VIS cuvettes $29.95/100  
Buy disposable UV fluorescence cuvettes Online! 
SE-202228 UV cuvettes $69.00/100  
Buy disposable VIS fluorescence cuvettes Online! 

Ultra-micro UV cuvettes

These cells have round openings and accommodate round caps. They feature a minimal volume (70 ul) required to fill and they come in two "z" dimensions (8.5 and 15 mm). Snug fitting round caps are available (blue is standard but you can order in several different colors as well)

disposable quvettes UV microdisposable cuvette dimensions

759200  UV Ultramicro, z = 8.5mm, pk of 100    Buy Ultramicro disposable cuvette Online (please select z height in options)!

759220  UV Ultramicro, z = 15mm, pk of 100    Buy Ultramicro disposable cuvette online (please select z height in options)!

759240  Round caps (blue), pk of 100   Buy Cuvette Caps Online!

Cuvette Rack -- 16 position, autoclave-able

16 numbered position polypropylene cuvette rack in stadium format to facilitate easy filling

759500  Buy Autoclaveable Cuvette rack Online!

cuvette rack 16 position

Cuvette Rack -- 12 position

SE-111168   Buy low cost Cuvette rack Online!

cuvette rack 12 position

Plastic Cuvette Chemical Compatibility Chart 
Chemical Compatibility of Disposable Cuvettes.  We offer cuvettes in 3 materials:  polystyrene (VIS), PMMA ( extended VIS) and UV grade. Chemical resistance for common liquids is shown below.
Chemical PS PMMA UV
Acetic acid (96%) Poor Poor Excellent
Acetone Poor Poor Excellent
Acetonitrile Poor Poor Excellent
Benzene Poor Poor Poor
Butanone (methyl ethyl ketone, MEK) Poor Poor Excellent
Carbon Tetrachloride Poor Poor Poor
Chloroform Poor Poor Poor
Diethy Ether Poor Poor Marginal
Dimethyl Sulfoxide Marginal Poor Excellent
Ethanol Poor Poor Excellent
Formaldehye (40%) Poor Poor Excellent
Heptane Poor Marginal Poor
Hexane Poor Excellent Poor
Hydrochloric Acid (32%) Marginal Poor Excellent
Isopropanol Marginal Marginal Excellent
n-Pentane Poor Poor Poor
Oleic Acid Poor Poor Poor
Perchloric Acid (10%) Poor Poor Excellent
Petroleum Ether Poor Poor Marginal
Phenol Poor Poor Excellent
Sodium Hydroxide Excellent Poor Excellent
Sulfuric Acid Poor Poor Excellent
Trichloroacetic Acid Poor Poor Excellent
Trichloroethylene Poor Poor Poor
Toluene Poor Poor Poor

Transmission properties of disposable cuvettes.  Generally, UV grade cuvettes are good from about 220nm up to 980nm.  Part of this performance is the proprietary polymer used, part is the thinner windows.  Polystyrene and PMMA are not as transmissive in the UV.  None of these polymers are good for NIR measurements.
Disposable Cuvettes transmission Properties polystyrene, PMMA and UV grade

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