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Fluorescence Cell Stopper

Type 23 cells are identical to Standard Rectangular fluorometer cells as listed on page 26 except that instead of having an open rectangular hole at the top, a block is fused to the top of the cell with a ground hole to receive a PTFE stopper. This provides a more suitable seal for volatile liquids. A PTFE stopper is supplied with each cell. Two stoppers are supplied with cells which have a path length of 40mm or greater. Smaller volume Types 29F and 28F are identical to Types 9F Semi-Micro and Type 18F Micro cell ranges except they have a stopper instead of a lid. A PTFE stopper is supplied with each cell. Some applications require Anti-reflection coatings or Mirror coatings to be applied to two adjacent exterior walls to increase sensitivity and enhance the energy received by the detector. To add the coatings to a cell, use the suffix /AR for Anti reflection and /MC for Mirror coating (e.g. 23-Q-10/AR/MC would be for both coatings, each on two adjacent faces).

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