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Fluorometer Square Micro

This range of Micro Fluorometer cells has been specifically designed for use with the FCA range of adapters listed below. The adapter locates the square cross section cell accurately in the center of the instrument cell compartment. Therefore, for a given path length, the cell is optimized for minimum volume and maximum sensitivity. All four
windows and the base of the cells are polished and are available with either an open top or with a PTFE stopper supplied with the type 23- cells. The FCA adapters have exterior dimensions of a standard fluorometer cell (12.5mm x 12.5mm) and interior dimensions to accommodate the square micro fluorometer cells listed. Apertures are machined into the adapter wall to allow for transmission of the excitation and emission energy at either 8.5 or 15mm 'Z' dimension. The aluminum adapters are black anodized to eliminate stray light. The correct adapter for a particular cell can be identified from the listing below.

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