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Fluorometer Sub Micro

Sub-Micro cells, Type 16F, while retaining the exterior dimensions of a standard cell, are designed for the measurement of very small samples with volumes ranging from 10μl to 160μl. The fluorometer Sub-Micro cells have a third window at 90° to the incident light to allow emission energy to be measured. Special adapters are not required for this cell. The entrance to the sample compartment is hemispherical, being designed without sharp corners to eliminate potential loss of sample by capillary action. The amount of sample required to fill the sample chamber is reduced to an absolute minimum, typically fifteen to twenty per cent greater than the absolute sample chamber volume. The sample is easily inserted into and retrieved from the cell by careful use of a pipette or syringe. The sample compartment in the Sub-micro range of cells optimizes the alignment of the sample for maximum sensitivity in the fluorometer. The correct 'Z' dimension needs to be selected for this range, typically 8.5 or 15 mm. Open top cells are supplied with a tight sealing polypropylene cap, as well as a PTFE lid.

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