Quartz Cuvettes

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Graded seal Cuvettes

Quartz to Pyrex graded seals can be fused to most rectangular quartz cells, allowing them to be joined to other borosilicate apparatus. The price indicated is for the graded seal, the cost of fusing to a cell plus the cost of the chosen cell. The dimensions of the normal graded seals used are OD 10 mm, ID 8 mm, Length 70mm.

Straight bore tubes in a range of sizes can be attached to most cells. Quartz tubes can be fused to quartz cells but for Glass materials, the tube and the cell need to be fabricated from borosilicate glass. Prices quoted are for the cost of the tube and fusing it to the
cell plus the original cell cost. The dimensions of the standard tubes supplied are OD 10 mm, ID 8 mm, Length 70mm.

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