Quartz Cuvettes

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Micro cuvette Style 18-Q

Quartz cuvettes with micro internal volume, open top clear and self masking

Micro cells, Type 18, with a 2mm internal width are for use with sample volumes smaller than the standard rectangular or Semi-Micro cells. The nominal working volume of this range represents only 20% of the standard rectangular cells Type 1 with the same path length. Micro cells are available with either clear walls or black walls which are opaque and improve sensitivity. The cells have an exterior height of 45mm. Each cell has an open top and is supplied with a PTFE cover (not pictured with the Type 18B or 18B9). Smaller sample volumes can be achieved by using cell Type 18/9 or 18B9 with a 9mm instead of a 3mm thick base. Note: Cells with a 9mm base are not suitable for instruments with an 8.5mm 'Z' dimension.

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