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Short path flow cells

Quartz cuvette flow cells with pathlengs from 0.1mm to 5 mm. sealed and demountable Style 48 & 49

Cell Types 48 and 49 are designed for use in various applications where a flow cell with a small path length and a large window surface area is needed. Flow tubes are fused to the front window of the cell, in the case of Type 49, the removable window. The cells will fit any spectrophotometer which can accommodate a normal cell with a 40mm path length. This allows introduction of the inlet/outlet tubes parallel to the light beam. The Type 48 is a fully fused cell. The demountable cells Type 49, with removable window, must be held together when being used. Cell holder Type CH-2049, shown below, is designed for this purpose. These cells may be taken apart for easy cleaning. This cell design is especially useful for opaque or viscose solutions. The cell consists of one fully fused component combining one window and the sides of the cell which forms the path length. The other window is separate and the cell can therefore be taken apart for cleaning. The cell wall and the removable window are polished so flat that the two will form a seal when placed in contact. Viscous and aqueous samples will allow the best seal to be formed, organic solvents will creep into the seal area for a less reliable seal.

The tubulation dimensions are 4.2mm OD,  2.0mm ID and 16mm long.

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