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The Importance of UV/Vis Verification
Each spectrophotometer has an expected performance that is listed in your instrument user’s manual which was supplied with your instrument. It is essential that you verify that your instrument performs as the manufacturer specified so that you can assure that your measurements are accurate. The NIST traceable reference set, RM-06HLKI, can help you to test the three most important parameters of your spectrophotometer. These are absorbance scale, wavelength scale and stray light. The reference set is very easy to use. There is no chemical preparation. Each reference is a far UV quartz cell which has had the reference materials permanently heat sealed into the cells.

Certificate of Calibration and Traceability
Each set comes with a NIST traceable certificate of analysis. Our certification laboratory is inspected and accredited by UKAS under ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34.

Potassium Dichromate
Used for: Verification of the UV absorbance scale
Useable range: 235nm to 350nm
The potassium dichromate reference is supplied as two cells, a blank and a 60mg/L cell. The 60mg/L cell is read against the blank at four wavelengths: 235, 257, 313, and 350nm. The certificate
provided will give the expected absorbance values at those wavelengths.

Holmium Perchlorate
Used for: Verification of the wavelength scale
Useable range: 240nm to 650nm
Holmium perchlorate has 14 defined (by NIST) absorbance peaks. You can relate the wavelengths at which your instrument finds these peaks to the wavelength scale of your instrument.
Periodic use will assure that your wavelength scale is correct. Holmium has sharply defined peaks across both the UV and the visible spectra.

Potassium Iodide
Used for: Stray Light assessment
Useable range: 190 nm to 280nm
Stray light is an indication of transmitted light by your instrument when no light is being transmitted through the sample. Stray light can create problems with both sensitivity and accuracy
if it exceeds the specification for your instrument. Potassium Iodide will allow you to easily test and assure that stray light is not out of specification.

The RM-06HLKI set contains:
 Material  Concentration  Reference used to:
 Potassium Dichromate  60mg/L in 0.001N perchloric acid  Verify the absorbance scale
 Potassium Dichromate  0.001N perchloric acid Blank for Potassium Dichromate  
 Holmium Perchlorate  4% in 10% perchloric acid  Verify the Wavelength Scale
 Potassium Iodide  1% Aqueous  Verify Stray Light specification
 Potassium Iodide  solvent only  Blank


All of the above references are made from high quality far UV quartz cells which have been filled and permanently
fused closed. The caps of each reference are color coded for the reference type and have a label on the
top of each cell indicating its contents. Each cell has a serial number engraved which is listed on the certificate
of NIST Traceability supplied with the set. Recertification of the set is available.

RM-06HLKI UV/Vis Reference Set, NIST Traceable, ISO 17025 Certified $1,890.00

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