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Ultra micro style 17&19

Type 17 Micro cells are similar to Type 18 Micro cells except that the external height is only 25mm. Because of their reduced height, it is essential that the correct micro cell holder is used for the instrument, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the cells from the cell holder. Both black wall self masking cells and clear wall cells are available in this range. Each cell has an open top and is supplied with a PTFE cover. The configuration of the small sample compartment in the Type 19 Ultra-Micro cell range optimizes the alignment of the sample for maximum sensitivity in the spectrophotometer. The sample is easily inserted into and retrieved from the cell by careful use of a pipette or syringe. The correct 'Z' Dimension must be selected for the Type 19, normally either 8.5 or 15 mm. The overall height of the 8.5 and 15mm 'Z' cell is 40mm.

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Style 17 Micro    Style 19 Ultra Micro

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